Come and join us for a fun day out.  We have over one thousand wind sock fish on display, so come and sponsor a fish or buy one to take home with you. Leave a message on our fishy tags for all to see so why not dedicate your message to your family or friends.

If you want to Sponsor or buy a fish then go through to the links below.
How do I buy a fish?
If you purchase a fish then this will be marked as paid and dispatched, however these will only be sent to you during the August Fish Fest.  Please note that we need to get as many of these fish on display during the first week so wont dispatch until after as we will have very few to display and this would look a bit sad with a load of empty fishing poles stuck up on the day!  DON’T FORGET even if you purchase one or some fish then please leave us a message so that we can display your message on one of our new 'I WANT TO BE A FISH' labels.  Every customer can leave a message if they wish and it’s nice that you do so as it adds to the event. Just read the how to leave a message section bellow.

How do I sponsor a fish?

PLEASE NOTE when you sponsor a fish these then stay on display at every event we hold and we do not send these out to you but we ask that you leave us your special message.  If you want us to send you a fish then please go to the one of our purchase a fish listings.  To sponsor a fish simply click the Auction button and once you have won the auction you can then leave us your message.

How do I leave a message?

Once you have clicked and won the buy auction button you can leave a message within paypal, or if you are unable to find this option then simply leave us a message within ebay via contact the seller or you can email us here.  We will print off your message onto one of our special new I want to be a fish labels and this will be tied to the fishy poles for all to view.  Your message will then remain on display up until the end of august when the fish will leave us taking your messages back out to sea.  Now your messages can be anything you like, you can dedicate it to a family member or a friend, a loved one or a lost one or you can just say have a great day and then your name....  so whatever you like but make it special to you.  We have had some fantastic messages ranging from some real funny ones to some overwhelming heart wrenching ones that even made me cry, however make it special and meaningful to you.  We can then print this off for you on to one of our new I WANT TO BE A FISH labels that can then be allocated to one of our fishy poles for all to see.

I or we would like to become 'Large Sponsor'.

Ok, so if you are a business or a large group, club or you just want to make a big donation and make a big splash with a sponsor then we will send you a very special giant wind sock fish for you to display, we will also add your company logo or name to our online fish blog and website and not only that your logo will also be added to our event posters that will display a list of sponsors in and around the town for the duration of the event.

If you would like to see more fish pictures of the event then just like us on face book or visit our home page so you can see our ugly faces.


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